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at Jul 07, 2021

When it comes to traveling abroad there is a lot of planning involved much before the actual travel dates. Visa is something which has always been a major deciding factor for any international travel. But what if we have an option of vacationing abroad without any Visa stress? Lets explore ten such countries not very far from India which offer Visa on arrival to Indian travellers.



1. Nepal- With its proximity to India, Nepal is a great country to visit for mountaineers keen on reaching the Everest. The country’s rich heritage and similarity to Indian culture makes it a more approachable destination for people going abroad for the first time. Its a shoppers paradise too. With lots of important temples and monastries, Nepal is a spiritual getaway too. A single entry visa is granted to Indians valid for 150 days. For documents, one need to carry either their passport or Election card as a proof of identity. International Holiday



2. Indonesia – This beautiful country with its ancient tribes, beautiful beaches, tropical forests, rich culture and the active volcano should be on every Indian’s list. Street food is in plenty and so are the temples. All it takes is $35 for Indians to get Visa on arrival for a 30 day stay. You would need to show sufficient funds for your stay along with return tickets and a valid passport for 6 months from the date of arrival.



3. Srilanka – This beautiful Island country with prisitne beaches, tea plantations, intricate temples telling tales of past makes it a not to be missed destination given its proximity to India. To enter Srilanka, Indians need Electronic Travel Authorisation which is valid for 30 days. Also you need to have a proof of sufficient funds for your stay and return tickets



4. Maldives – A 80 island country, Maldives boasts of one of the world’s top diving and snorkeling experiences and is a great way to experience the fascinating underwater life filled with the vibrant denizens of the coral reef. Beautiful pristine beaches where you laze around and unwind yourself is what Maldives offer. A Visa on arrival with a 90 day stay period is offered to Indians. Just ensure you have a return air ticket or necessary visas for an onward journey to your next destination. Two photographs and proof of accommodation are also a must. Travellers without a hotel reservation must carry enough funds i.e., US$ 100 plus $50 per person per day of their stay.



5. Mauritius – A beautiful country with serene beaches, waterfalls, and national parks, Mauritius is one such perfect travel destination in the world that is ideal for any sort of vacation, whether honeymoon, family trip, solo vacation, or a group voyage. For Indian visitors the Mauritius Government offers a free Visa on arrival provided they hold a confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius, a sponsorship letter, a confirmed booking for return flight and sufficient funds for expenses during their stay (minimum of USD 100 per day).



6. Combodia – Cambodia has a unique mix of ancient culture and modern tourism. Angkor Wat, a must visit is a marvel at the intricate carvings of Shiva, Vishnu and other Hindu deities at this majestic temple. This is perhaps the biggest Hindu temple outside India. One can cycle around in the town and explore, cruise or Dive at Sihanoukville or relax at the laid back beaches. Indian tourist can avail a Visa on arrival at a charge of $40 with an additional service fee of $20, You would need your passprt sized photograph along with sufficient funds to cover your stay in Cambodia with confirmed return tickets and passport valid for 6 months from the date of arrival.



7. Seychelles – An archipelago of 115 islands, it is a popular destination for newlyweds, owing to its pristine beaches, azure waters and lush greenery. Indians can get Visa on arrival with a 30 day stay period, if they have onward or return ticket, and funds of minimum $150 per day along with proof of accommodations.



8. Jordan – Situated in the middle east, Jordan, a seemingly impenetrable kingdom offers from World Heritage Sites and mind-boggling desert landscapes to a World Wonder – Petra, and the out of the world experience on the dead sea. Indians visiting Jordan can get a VISA for 14 days by paying a fee of JOD 40. They must carry at least US$ 1000 (or equivalent) to cover their stay and hold onward or return flight tickets for their next destination. Indians entering and exiting Jordan from Aqaba, along with the Red Sea, are granted a 1-month visa for free.



9. Bhutan – With a stunning landscape coupled with a rich and fascinating culture, Bhutan Offers monasteries, especially Tiger’s Nest along with the Punaka, Thimpu Dzong and the Buddha Dordenma which are examples of strong architectural and religious presence in the kingdom. Indian nationals do not need a visa to enter Bhutan. A passport or any other valid identity proof is sufficient.



10. Thailand – Thailand is known for its glittering temples, high-rises, splendid beaches, a thumping nightlife and secret islands.It is an exotic paradise like no other with number of budget options to stay. For Indians it is one of the best and cheap option, offering Visa on Arrival for a maximum of 15 days. The only prerequisites are a payment of 1000 Thai Baht, a valid passport and confirmed return tickets.

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