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at Jul 07, 2021

The Indonesian Archipelago spreads between the Asian Mainland and Australia. It comprises of 17,000 islands with an incredible diversity of flora, fauna, topography, cultures and lifestyles. This exotic collection of islands contains the region’s largest wildlife sanctuaries and wilderness reserves. Home to innumerable beaches, exotic wildlife and an array of resorts, Indonesia has become of the most visited tourist destinations in the world today. The incredible amount of variety that Indonesia has to offer, from vast rice plains to volcanic mountain ranges, from exotic sea beaches to ancient inland villages, from wildlife reserves to jungles with caves & waterfalls; it truly offers a holistic holiday.



Given the wide areas of interest and places available, one can spend a week to two weeks on a trip to Indonesia without feeling the need for a change or getting bored. A friendly visa policy and cost efficient options for stay and food, it is as much a delight for the budget conscious traveller as it is for high end luxury travel. Indonesia SIM Card


To stay connected in Indonesia, data plans are offered by your telcom company but they can be pricey as well as low in quality as far as connectivity & coverage is concerned. Local SIM Cards are probably the best option – scoring high on both these counts and high on affordability too. The 4 main telcom companies that offer SIM Cards in Indonesia are Telkomsel, IM3 Ooredoo, 3 (Tri) and XL Axiata. They sell their SIM Cards at the airport as well as at supermarkets, drug stores and their official counters. All you need is a copy of your passport and you are good to go… It is recommended to purchase SIM Cards from authorized stores rather than street vendors since the latter can be unreliable. While SIM Cards are cheap to buy at the airport itself, there may be queues and waiting time that can be irritating when you are in a holiday mood. A really convenient option is to actually pick up a SIM Card for Bali even before you leave your home country.



One of the most reliable platforms to buy a SIM Card online is They offer SIM cards to over 180 countries across the world and are the market leaders in online SIM card market in India. Their platform is really easy to use and you can conclude a sale within minutes. The SIM Card is delivered to your address in India within 3 working days. As soon as you land in Indonesia, you will be online and mobile without any hassles of standing in queues at the airport or searching for an authorized store that sells SIM Cards. Isn’t that incredible ?

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